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Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS)

Purpose: The Expanded UCLA Version of the BPRS is an interview-based rating scale of the severity with which a consumer experiences 24 symptoms.

Use: The information to rate each symptom is elicited during a semi-structured interview. The consumer’s responses are used as the primary basis for rating 14 symptoms; somatic concern, anxiety, depression, suicidality, guilt, hostility, elevated mood, grandiosity, suspiciousness, hallucinations, unusual thought content, bizarre behavior, self-neglect, and disorientation. The interviewer’s observations are the primary basis for rating the severity of 10 symptoms; conceptual disorganization, blunted affect, emotional withdrawal, motor retardation, tension, uncooperativeness, excitement, distractibility, motor hyperactivity, and mannerisms/posturing. The severity of each symptom is rated on a seven point scale (not present = 1; extremely severe = 7). The total of the 24 ratings can be calculated to provide a global measure of the severity of a consumer's symptoms.

Manual: The key to generating useful BPRS ratings is ensuring that the same presentation of the 24 symptoms results in the same ratings across different raters and clients. To help novice raters, the manual includes definitions of each rating point for each symptom, annotated with detailed examples. Additionally, the manual contains several articles that describe procedures to train interviewers, monitor their ongoing performance, and correct “drift” from acceptable rating standards.

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