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 Purpose: The purpose of the four reinforcement surveys included in the assortment is to identify the activities, objects, and people a consumer enjoys and give him/her pleasure. The information can be used to provide these activities, objects, and people as contingent bridges between the time a consumer begins rehabilitation treatment and the time its benefits are fully realized. These rewards are intermediate “motivators” to keep the consumer actively involved and participating in the rehabilitation treatment.

Use: Four surveys are included: a) Reinforcement Inventory, b) Pleasant Events Schedule, c) Psychiatric Reinforcement Schedule, and d) Reinforcement Survey for Adults. Each was originally developed for use with a specific population, and the results of two or more may be needed to completely identify a particular client’s rewards.

  1. Reinforcement Inventory. The consumer rates how much s/he enjoys 12 categories (e.g., food, entertainment) of items (e.g., candy, movies) on a 5 point scale (Not at All, A Little, A Fair Amount, Much, Very Much). The Inventory was originally designed for individuals with developmental disabilities, and the categories and items are appropriate for somewhat restricted settings.

  2. Pleasant Events Schedule. The consumer rates how often each of 320 disparate activities (e.g., laughing, talking to myself, social drinking) has occurred in the past 30 days, and how much s/he enjoyed it or, for activities that did not occur, would have enjoyed it. Both frequency and enjoyment are rated on 3 point scales (not happened, 1-6 times in 30 days, 7 or more times; not pleasant, somewhat pleasant, very pleasant).

  3. Psychiatric Reinforcement Schedule. The consumer rates how much s/he enjoys 5 categories (e.g., food, social activities, work) of items (e.g., nuts, talking with doctor, working as a driver) on a 3 point scale (Not At All, A Fair Amount, Very Much).

  4. Reinforcement Survey for Adults. The consumer responds to open-ended questions about the 10 people, places, things, and activities that occupy most of his/her time each week, and the people, places, things, and activities s/he would like to occupy more of her time. The consumer also indicates the 10 foods and drinks s/he likes best, including those not routinely available.

Manual: The manual includes the instruments and their instructions.

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