Psychiatric Rehabilitation Consultants (PRC): Consumers and Clinicians-Partners in Empowerment
Handbook of Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Edited by Robert Liberman, MD

This comprehensive handbook provides mental health and rehabilitation workers, as well as students and administrators, with a common set of values, attitudes, terms and goals, and a solid grasp of the state-of-the-art in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation.

Chapters are written by scientist-practitioners who have an abiding interest and clinical involvement in the areas of symptom and functional assessment, social learning programs, social skills training, case management, vocational rehabilitation, sex and AIDS education, family management, and training in community living.

The Handbook is a "bible" for evidence-based, "best practice" in the rehabilitation of the severely and persistantly mentally ill. It is a rich and rigorous volume that will serve as a reference and guide for both practioners and researchers.

400 pages

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