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Social Skills: The Route to Personal Effectiveness
Social Skills: The Route to Personal Effectiveness is a comprehensive program for teaching people to improve the way they express their feelings and to gain success in relating to others. Clients learn to initiate and maintain conversations, be effective in a job interview, express affection, stand up for their rights, say "no" to burdensome requests, defend their own needs without alienating others and express sadness or anger when appropriate. Training consists of structured, easy-to-follow procedures that draw together modeling, role-playing, positive feedback, prompting, coaching and home- work assignments.

Personal Effectiveness has been used and tested at the UCLA School of Medicine, Camarillo State Hospital, West Los Angeles VA Medical Center, Oxnard Community Mental Health Center and hundreds of facilities nationwide. The manual is highly recommended for mental health personnel, counselor education and psychology students and others who wish to master the methods and techniques involved in an individualized approach to social skills training. The Clinical Manual serves as the core of a multi element social skills training program, thoroughly detailing the rationale, the systematic procedures for group sessions, and the methods for evaluating client progress and staff effectiveness. Practice exercises and review questions for each section promote the reader's learning of the social skills training techniques.

The Personal Effectiveness approach to social skills training includes four components:

  • Trainer's Manual;
  • Participant's Brochure for orienting patients to the methods inducing favorable expectations for outcome;
  • A Program Guide, which is useful for educators and inservice training as it integrates the Personal Effectiveness;
  • DVD with the Clinical Manual and provides suggestions for conducting workshops or seminars for training the trainers.

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