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Rehabilitating the Chronic Mental Patient
Awarded the first prize in the mental health category at the International Rehabilitation Film Festival, this video provides an overview of innovative services for people with serious and Persistent Mental Illness, focusing on programs developed and offered at the UCLA Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program. Eight assessment and treatment methods required for comprehensive rehabilitation of clients with serious and persistent mental illnesses such as schizophrenia are depicted:
  1. Diagnostic Interview
  2. Functional Assessment Interview
  3. Managing Medication Side-effects
  4. Social Skills Training 
  5. Behavioral Family Management 
  6. Job-finding Club 
  7. Transitional Employment 
  8. Self-help Club

The video can be used as a freestanding element for in-service training, professional training programs or as part of the UCLA - sponsored workshop, "Treatment and Rehabilitation for clients with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness." The video is also designed as an audiovisual adjunct to the text, Psychiatric Rehabilitation of  Persons with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness by Liberman and Associates. The aim of the video is to demonstrate the competencies of professionals working within specific program elements for effective and high quality rehabilitation.

Running time: 59 minutes

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