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Family, play, work, learning: a satisfying life
Family, play, work, learning:
a satisfying and meaningful  life!

The mission of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Consultants (PRC) is to distribute clinical tools and services that enable practitioners  to help consumers recover from serious and persistent mental illnesses. These tools and services are based on three foundational elements. First, they are evidence-based. The results of numerous rigorous studies conducted by the UCLA Clinical Research Center for Schizophrenia &  Psychiatric Rehabilitation and the UCLA Psych REHAB Program clearly demonstrate the effectiveness and efficacy of these tools and services. Listed on this website are numerous publications that describe the research procedures and results that document this evidence. Please feel free to download any one or more of these  as you wish. Second, the tools and services are user-friendly. They have been designed so that they they can be used by a wide array of clinicians are from different clinical and educational backgrounds. Third, the tools and services are based on the latest ethical and practice guidelines for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. All are firmly grounded on the core tenet that consumers can be responsible, self-directed, independent and dignified citizens in their communities.

CASIG (Client's Assesment of Strengths, Interests & Goals) is an excellent example of  how PRC's tools ands services embody the latest findings in client-centered psychiatric rehabilitation. CASIG is a toot for treatment planning, monitoring and evaluation that begins with the practitioner eliciting the client's personally-relevant, meaningful recovery-oriented goals. After an assessment of the client's preferences, symptoms, needs and skills, the practitioCASIG is an example of how PRC's clinical tools and services embody the latest principles of The Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration convened an expert panel of researchers, consumers, family members, practitioners, administrators and public officials to define the term recovery of the seriously mentally ill. All ten characteristics associated with "recovery" are embodied by PRC's products and services. For example,ner administering CASIG uses that information to develop a service plan that will achieve the consumer's goals. One of the evidence-based services that is likely to be selected by the consumers in learning the skills that will empower them to achieve their personal goals for a more meaningful and satisfying life.

Consulting Team PRCThe consultants, led by the Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Director of theUCLA Psych REHAB Program, Robert Paul Liberman, M.D. inlude experts in the applicationof rehabilitation techniques for persons with SPMI. Their professional work has earned them a  worldwide reputation for developing evidence-based, innovative, and practical techniquess that can be easily implemented in diverse settings such as hospitals, correctional facilities, and rehabilitation organizations. The consultants include: (in alphabetical order) Ted Eckman,PhD.,Tim Kuehnel, PhD,, Alex Kopeowica, M. D., Sally McKain, PhD., Robert Tauber, M.S., Charles Wallace, PhD., Roberto Zarate, PhD.


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