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Community Re-entry Module

The goal of the Community Re-Entry Module is to teach participants the skills to collaborate in designing and following through with their treatment plans after a period of inpatient or transitional care. The module also teaches participants the skills to identify and solve problems with their medications. Participants can use these skills to:

  • Smoothly transition among the various services offered by their local mental health providers;
  • Reduce the risk of relapse or rehospitalization by following through with their aftercare treatment plans;
  • Collaborate with their physicians to identify the medication regimen that will help them make the transition to aftercare.

Skills Taught in the Module
The module teaches participants how to design and follow through with an aftercare treatment plan, which addresses discharge planning, connecting with community, coping, planning, and medication awareness.

Design and follow through with an aftercare treatment plan
(8 sessions)

  • Session  1: Intro to the Community Re-Entry Program
  • Session  2: Symptoms of Disabling Mental Disorders
  • Session  3: Determining Discharge Readiness
  • Session  4: Community Re-Entry (Discharge) Planning
  • Session  5: Connecting with the Community
  • Session  6: Coping with Stress in the Community
  • Session  7: Planning a Daily Schedule
  • Session  8: Making and Keeping Appointments


  • Session  9:  How Medications Work to Prevent Relapse
  • Session 10: Evaluating the Effects of Medication
  • Session 11: Solving Medication Problems
  • Session 12: Solving Medication Side Effects Problems
  • Session 13: Identifying Warning Signs of Relapse.
  • Session 14: Keeping Track of Warning Signs.
  • Session 15: Developing an Emergency Relapse Prevention Plan.
  • Session 16: Bringing Your Emergency Plan to the Community

Special Considerations
The Module has been explicitly designed for use in rapid turnover, short-stay inpatient facilities.

Components of the Module

  • Trainer's Manual
  • 6 Participant's Workbooks
  • 1 DVD


The Sixteen Sessions

Session 1 Introduction to the Community Re-Entry Program
In Session 1, you'll learn about the skills that are taught in the Community Re-Entry Program and will identify the specific benefits you could receive from participating in the program.

Session 2 Symptoms of Disabling Mental Disorders
In Session 2, you'll learn information about symptoms of recurring mental disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and recurring depression. You'll also learn more about benefits of medications often prescribed to treat these symptoms. The more you understand about your medication, the more you can help your doctor decide which medication is best for you.

Session 3 Determining Discharge Readiness
In Session 3, you'll learn what specific symptoms need attention and behaviors you should learn to help you get ready to leave the hospital and to stay well in the community.

Session 4 Community Re-Entry Planning
In Session 4, you'll discuss options related to where you'll live, where you'll get money to support yourself, and where you can continue to receive treatment and other services in the community. This session helps you become more involved in planning for your own future.

Session 5 Connecting with the Community
In Session 5, you'll learn more about the resources and services available in the community and will make personal contact with someone from the community who can continue to help you. Studies have shown that meeting a community helper before you are discharged from the hospital increases the chances that you'll continue treatment in the community and stay well and out of the hospital.

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