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Demonstration of Module Learning Activities
The best way to learn and master a new treatment and rehabilitation innovation is to watch "master clinicians" conduct the innovation in action with real patients. The four videocassette Demonstration of Module Learning Activities for the SILS Modules was produced to acquaint mental health and rehabilitation professionals with the rationale, nuances and behavioral learning principles used in the various SKILLS TRAINING MODULES distributed by PRC.

The videocassettes include a panel of mental health professionals with Charles J. Wallace Ph.D., the creator of the modular learning activities, discussing the scope, purpose, and impact of the modules, as well as the resources, administrative support and professional attitudes prerequisite for effective leadership of skills training modules. This panel discussion should be viewed by all levels of clinical and administrative staff interested in using the modules. The seven learning activities of the Medication Management Module are clearly demonstrated by psychologists, nurses, social workers, and mental health technicians who teach the skills from this module to groups of real, mentally disabled persons. The key competencies required by trainers are highlighted by computer graphics as the module leaders direct their groups. This demonstration of the modules offers an ideal way for clinicians to learn how to teach skills to individuals with serious mental disorders.

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Demonstration of Module Learning Activities (set of 4 DVDs)

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