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Friendship & Intimacy Module-1

The goals of the Friendship & Intimacy Module are to teach participants the skills to 1) create a network of life long friendships that are emotionally meaningful and satisfying, relationships, 2) engage in successful dating experiences, and 3) when appropriate engage in safe and satisfying intimacy.

Skills Taught in the Module
To achieve these 3 three goals, this module teaches participants how to:

  1. Engage in complex conversations, establish friendships, and ask someone on a date.
  2. Contact heath care professionals in an open and self assured manner, and obtain information and about preventing pregnancy and reducing the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases if the relationship has progressed to the point that both parties are considering engaging in an intimate relationship.
  3. Ask friends, family members, and clinicians about the effects of introducing intimacy into an emotionally meaningful relationship.
  4. Engage in a frank and open dialogue with their partners about their histories of intimate relationships. Information is also presented about the available medical tests and how these tests can protect both parties from the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.
  5. Approach the complex and sensitive verbal and nonverbal skills to discuss with their partners if intimacy should or should or shouldn't be included in their relationship.

Special Considerations
The Module's focus is on developing and keeping potentially intimate relationships, it is expected that the module will be fully integrated with the client's medical, psychiatric, and psychosocial treatment.

Components of the Module

  • Trainer's Manual
  • 10 Participant's Workbook
  • 1 DVD

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