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Recreation for Leisure Module

Goals and Skills

The module teaches participants how to identify the benefits of recreation, get information about recreational activities, determine what resources are needed to participate in a chosen recreational activity, and to maintain it. There are substantial benefits to learning these skills including:

  • Improve physical and mental health.
  • Enjoy feelings of competence, confidence, and general well-being.
  • Find opportunities to form friendships with like minded individuals.
  • Identify the benefits of recreation.
  • Get information about recreational activities.
  • Determine what resources are needed to participate in a chosen recreational activity.
  • Try an activity, evaluate it, and, if the evaluation is favorable, maintain it.

Special Considerations

The module is suitable for many different participants including:

  • Individuals with all types of serious and persistent mental illness.
  • Physically challenged individuals.
  • Individuals experiencing major life transitions.

Components of the Module

  • Trainer's Manual
  • 6 Participant's Workbook
  • 1 DVD

Introduction Guide to the Recreation for Leisure Module Participant's Workbook is designed to help you plan and enjoy recreational activities in your leisure time. To learn the contents of the module, you will attend regular training sessions with the trainer and other participants. Plan to participate actively. The more you participate, the more you will get from the module. Feel free to ask questions and make comments during group discussions; talk about the program with other participants as well as the staff. Discussing the material with others will help you improve the skills you learn during the training sessions.

We hope you enjoy the Recreation for Leisure Module, and most of all, that you have a good time participating in new recreational activities!

Using Your Workbook
This Workbook is for you to use during the module training sessions. It contains all the worksheets, charts and ex pal an at ions you'll need to learn the skills taught during the sessions.

The Four Skill Areas
The RECREATION FOR LEISURE MODULE is divided into four major sections that we call skill areas. The aim of each skill area is to help you become more knowledgeable and self-reliant in using your leisure time. What you learn can be used in your everyday life, as well as during the module.

The four skill areas are:

  • Skill Area 1: Identifying Benefits of Recreational Activities
    learn how to identify the benefits of recreational activities. In addition, you learn how to choose some specific activities that will give you the benefits you want.
  • Skill Area 2: Getting Informant ion about Recreational Activities
    learn how and where to get information about the different kinds of recreational activities available in your community. Then, you learn how to follow up on and use the ideas and information you get.
  • Skill Area 3: Finding Out What's Needed for a Recreational Activity
    learn how to find out what you need before starting the activity, such as equipment, supplies, training, or money.
  • Skill Area 4: Evaluating and Maintaining a Recreational Activity
    learn how to evaluate the activities you participate in to decide whether the activity is enjoyable and worth continuing. Also, you will choose a specific activity and make a long-term plan for continuing it after completing the module sections.

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