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Skills Training Modules

More Information: Starting and Conducting a Module Group

Starting a Module Group
To implement a module group, you will need the proper space, equipment, participants, and staff. Below is a checklist that will help you keep track of these resources as you gather them to implement your group.

Space and Equipment

  • A room with space from meetings of 4 or more participants and the trainer.
  • A regular schedule for use of the room for 18 to 24 meetings, each of 90 to 120 minutes duration.
  • A VCR and a TV for playback of the videotape; plus the trainer's familiarity with starting, pausing, and stopping the tape. If possible, a back up VCR and TV should the equipment fail.
  • Optionally, a camera and VCR (or camcorder) to record a participant's role-play for immediate review and feedback by the other participants and the trainer.
  • A copy of the Workbook for each participant.
    The Trainer's Manual and Videotape.
  • Optionally (but certainly recommended), snacks and drinks for distribution during a break in a session.


  • Participants will find the new skills useful and valuable, and have expressed a desire to give the module a try.
  • Participants have been informed about the purpose of the module and have agreed to the training.
  • Relatives of the participants and other interested parties have been informed about the WFM, and their support has been secured (if possible).


  • All clinical staff have been informed about who is participating.
  • A schedule has been set for frequent monitoring of participant's clinical status.
  • All administrative and managerial staff have been informed about the module group, and their support has been secured.

Conducting a Module

  • Usually conducted in a group format with 4 to 6 participants.
  • From 1 to 28 sessions, each of 90 - 120 minutes duration.
  • Preferably conducted two or more times per week.
  • With on trainer, or with co-trainers, one of whom assists in the role-plays.
  • NO SPECIAL TRAINING is required to conduct a module, just the attitude that participants can learn the material.
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