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Workplace Fundamentals Module
The goal of the Workplace Fundamental Module is to teach participants the skills to maintain long term employment that they and their employers find mutually satisfying. Participants can use these skills to:
  • Increase their incomes, and make the increases predictable;
  • Keep their days occupied with meaningful activity;
  • Obtain the psychological benefits of work and keep doing so.

Skills Taught in the Module
The module teaches participants how to identify the changes that work brings to ones life; as well as the specifics of the workplace; personal strengths, deficits, environmental constraints, and possible mismatches with the workplace specifics.

Special Considerations
The Module is NOT designed to be administered in an isolated, "stand-alone" manner. Its focus is on KEEPING a job, NOT FINDING one, and it is expected that the module will be FULLY INTEGRATED with supported employment, psychiatric care, and psychosocial treatments, all administered and supervised by one clinical service team.

The module also assumes that participants will be newly employed, or soon to be so, and it is expected that participants will function at a high level and have diverse disorders. Hence, the module provides numerous opportunities to help participants apply the materials to their own specific workplaces. The module's core skill is using the problem-solving method to solve workplace problems, and there are many exercises that focus on solving individual or standard workplace problems.

Components of the Module

  • Trainer's Manual
  • 6 Participant's Workbook
  • 1 DVD
  • 1 Poster Packet

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