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Consulting TeamConsumer: “The best thing I learned from the Medication Management module was how to talk to my doctor.  Before the module, I felt that doctors ran my life.  Now, I do.”

Clinician: “Your modules and other programs are truly ‘consumer-centered’ because they are designed around the specific needs of persons with serious and persistent mental illness.  They teach our patients the skills they need for more satisfying and meaningful lives in the community.”Consumer: “Since I learned my ‘warning signs’ of relapse, I’ve been able to contact my doctor before my symptoms got bad.  I’ve used my ‘emergency plan’ three times now and have avoided going back into the hospital all three times.  And I haven’t had to give up my part-time job.”Clinician: “Now I know persons with schizophrenia and other serious mental illnesses don’t comprehend so easily.  The way the modules are set up with repetition, video demonstrations and role playing I’m able to be a better teacher.  If I do training on a skill and they forget or don’t use it, now I know that they need more ways of hearing, seeing and practicing.”
Consumer: “After we did the role play in the conversation module, I met some old friends from high school and had a conversation with them---just like I practiced in the role play.  It was even easier to converse with my old friends than in the training session.  I had a really good day that day.”
Clinician: “What better way to empower consumers that to engage them in learning the skills that they will need to improve the quality of their lives and function with greater independence.”Mental Health Program Director: “Thank you for coming to Massachusetts and sharing your rehabilitation programs.  You gave us hope and, even more, a way to help our patients to have better, more productive lives.  At our mental health center, our clients participated in the Basic Conversation Skills Module and then, used those skills in going to the city hall to register to vote.”Clinical Director of a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Agency: “The training conducted with our staff by the PRC consultants was truly “hands on” with dynamic demonstrations of exactly what we should do when using role plays with positive and corrective feedback.  It was especially convincing because the consultants used our own, most difficult clients in the training sessions.  The success we experienced in this learning process was the best possible demonstration of how we should conduct skills training with our clients or consumers.  We need to be teachers, not just mental health therapists.Behavioral Health Administrator: “We are using the skills training modules in three locations---a Social Club for the mentally ill, a board-and-care home and in the Adult Outpatient Clinic.  A wide range of individuals are participating---both high and low functioning. Out staffing patterns are really lean with mostly bachelor’s level clinicians, so we needed rehabilitation practices that were very well specified and structured.  Your modules have fit the bill for us---and our staff enjoy running the modules.  We all meet together weekly to compare notes and chart progress.”County Mental Health Director: “We have made extensive use of your wonderful series of modules that we purchased.  We use the medication and conversation skills modules in our three Wellness and Day Treatment Centers and four outpatient clinics, our intensive treatment teams and supported living programs.  We appreciate the great work you have done for our County’s programs and thank you for your support, commitment and unique talent in our field.”

Director of the Institute of Mental Health in Japan: “Thank you for your consultation and technical assistance to us in translating, developing and implementing social skills training in Japan.  In only five years, we have more than 200 mental health facilities using your modules and other practices.  Our national health insurance has agreed to reimburse the use of skills training and we have begun training professionals throughout our country through our Japanese Association for Social Skills Training.  With your help, skills training has become one of the main streams of the new era of psychosocial rehabilitation in Japan."

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