Psychiatric Rehabilitation Consultants (PRC): Consumers and Clinicians-Partners in Empowerment
Administer and Interpret  Behavioral Functional Assessments

This workshop covers the components of symptom assessment, diagnostic interviewing, and functional behavioral assessment. Aimed at equipping mental health and rehabilitation professionals with the skills to identify and prioritize the assets, deficits, and obstacles to the performance of social, family, self-care, educational, and occupational roles, trainers from Psychiatric Rehabilitation Consultants teach participants experientially to use appropriate, structured assessment instruments, -including the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale, the Structured Interview for Diagnostic Interviewing, the Occupational Case Assessment Interview & Rating Scale, the Assessment Instrument for Interpersonal Problem Solving Skills, and the Client's Assessment of Strengths, Interests, and goals (CASIG).

The CASIG procedure results in a report on the symptomatic, functional, and quality of life domains in clients that permits efficient goal setting for treatment and rehabilitation. Quality of treatment and rehabilitation can only be measured by reliable monitoring of the progress and outcome of services with individual clients and patients. CASIG equips clinicians, consumers, families, and caregivers with the information required for making decisions on changing treatment elements for assuring continuous quality improvement. In addition to the measurement and monitoring of individual progress, CASIG can also be used to evaluate overall program effectiveness.

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