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Manage of Aggressive and Violent Behavior
Aggressive, self-injurious, suicidal, and destructive behavior by residents of psychiatric hospitals, as well as by mentally disabled clients living in the community, is a common problem with unfortunate consequences for consumers, clinicians and families. In this workshop, participants will learn about the prevalence of aggressive behavior among the mentally ill as well as legal mandates that require the implementation of effective, non- aversive treatment alternatives to seclusion and physical or chemical restraint. Behavioral analysis and therapy strategies are described, demonstrated and role-played with real-life examples. Methods will be delineated to promote generalization and maintenance of prosocial behavior as well as fidelity of implementation of behavior analysis and therapy. Participants and their home agencies will learn how to comply with guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association, court mandates, and the requirements of the Civil Rights of the Institutionalized Persons Act.

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Management of Aggressive and Violent Behavior T06
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