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Needs Assessment for Quality Psychiatric Rehabilitation
A structured protocol that includes chart reviews, direct observation of programs in action, interviews with clinicians, patients and managers is utilized by the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Consultants in customized assessments of the psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation services provided by entire states, local mental health agencies, private and public psychiatric hospitals or community support programs. The protocol guides the process of evaluation and generates a report of the strengths and weaknesses of the mental health and rehabilitation services provided by the state, agency, hospital, or community program. Specific recommendations for creating high quality services are made by Psychiatric Rehabilitation Consultants for program, staff and human resource development, in-service training, and improved administrative policies and procedures. These Needs Assessments and resulting recommendations for quality improvement in services are individualized through negotiations and advance planning with the host agency, hospital, or program. A companion book is Handbook of Psychiatric Rehabilitation. A companion DVD is Rehabilitation for Clients with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness.

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